Refractions #2

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What's in a Word? by Kymberlee (Babylon 5)

Delenn is finding it difficult to understand certain human idioms - why would Captain Sheridan want to cover his Ass?

(First appeared on the B5-creative mailing list)

Kosh Encounters #1 & #2 by A&K (Babylon 5)

Cartoons. What does Kosh really have under his encounter suit?

Faith Manages by Alison Hopkins (Babylon 5)

Poem about Delenn and Sheridan.

(First appeared on the B5-creative mailing list)

Irregularity by Russ Massey (Blake's 7/Sapphire & Steel)

When Jenna and Cally bring aboard an object floating in space, a cargo pod centuries old, little did they know how dangerous it would be, not just to them, but to the universe. Because something was waiting for the right combination of old and new. Something that hungers for a crack in Time. Something that would create an Irregularity.

Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.

Coda by Kathryn Andersen (Blake's 7/Sapphire & Steel)

A poetic coda to Irregularity.

Resolution by Kathryn Andersen (Blake's 7)

Poem. About Blake's and Avon's separate, resolute determination.

(First appeared in Enarrare' 5)

On The Way To The Midnight Sun by Marie Logan (Ladyhawke)

Two lovers, always together, eternally apart. When Isabeau and Navarre broke the curse that the Bishop of Aquila had laid on them, they thought their troubles were over. What, then, brings chance-met travellers together in the fenlands of Bohemia, seeking a way to the North?

(First appeared in Enarrare' 3, revised for Refractions)

Haiku for Katana by Donna Kirking (Highlander)

Just as the title says.

(First appeared on Highlander Fiction mailing list)

Steele Blades by Mark Overton (Remington Steele/Highlander)

A drugged woman dressed as a bride in the front window of a department store, thugs in masks with machine guns, a chase, a trip to the morgue, cryptic warnings from a Scotsman with a sword - and the day wasn't even over yet. What kind of a case have Steele and Laura fallen into this time? And will they survive with their heads intact?

(First appeared on Highlander Fiction mailing list)

The Long Sleep by Kathryn Andersen (UFO)

Poem about the episode of the same name.

(First appeared in Enarrare' 5)

Cold Fire by Kev Davis (Alien Nation)

The second Inspector Crowley tale.

A Tenctonese religious cult campaigns against the dangers of sour milk, said beverage is vanishing from the pub cellars of Birmingham, and all through the city Newcomers are mysteriously bursting aflame for no explainable reason. Vyse Street CID investigates, under the command of the enigmatic Newcomer detective, David Crowley...

Set in the Alien Nation universe, with all original characters.

Symbiosis by Una McCormack (Blake's 7)

Poem about Sarcophagus.

Mirror Truths by Mary Richards (Babylon 5)


(First appeared on the B5-creative mailing list)

Illustrated by Kathryn Andersen, Photo Phred, Alexander Tulloch, Adrienne Losin. 80pp A4, approximately 52700 words. Parchment paper covers.

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