Enarraré #15

A Space: Above And Beyond Special

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The Parameters of Peace : Part VI

The World of Epictetus

The Stoic philosopher, Epictetus, averred that there are things in life you have control over, there are things in life you don't. And, of course, sometimes the more you try to exert control, the worse the situation becomes.

Ross is still facing a court-martial, and the motivation for it gradually becomes clear. Once it does, the outcome is, of course, never in doubt. By the time Ross understands the complex subtlety of the plot, it's almost too late to be found guilty. Which, given the nature of what he realises, might well be the best option. Sallander, suspecting the truth, has already thrown caution to the wind and enlisted all available help to counter the conspiracy. Chaput, in an action that will eventually have serious repercussions, has likewise thrown aside all caution to petition Diane Hayden's help in sending a rescue team to retrieve McQueen.

In the meantime, Hawkes and West set off on a completely unauthorised mission to rescue the newly-appointed General. To the Chig homeworld, no less. There are simpler ways to commit suicide, but Hawkes and West are much too single-minded to consider them.

McQueen is hardly surprised to find himself once more in the hands of silicate interrogators. They are under the supervision of their Chig masters, who find the stench of humans quite appalling and who are more than a little dismayed at the failure of the assassination squad send to eliminate McQueen and the organic technology bonded to him. It was never in any plan to bring him back...

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