Enarraré Blake's 7 Special

A4, 340 pages, illustrated by Kathryn Andersen, David Cameron, Annie Hamilton, Maria Letters, Bruce Mitchell, Fiona Niemand, Kate Perrett and Sonja Van den Ende.

Can be reprinted on a one-off basis, on request. Price on application. Contact Information


  • Quietus by Catherine Stewart
  • Where The Shadows Are by Ana Dorfstad (reprinted from Enarraré 5)
  • Legacy by Catherine Stewart
  • Ghosts by Jack Wyngard
  • Sevenalia by Annie Hamilton, Christine Maxwell, Kim Owens and Sonja van den Ende
  • A Day In The Life by Douglas Cummings
  • Fragments of Yesterday by Ana Dorfstad
  • Strange Allies by Jenny Hayward (reprinted from Enarraré 5)
  • Fireplay by Marie Logan
  • Fiddler On The Run filk musical by Danny Murphy
  • Foundation by Ana Dorfstad
  • Wise Enough To Play The Fool by Linda Short
  • Heart of Midnight by Catherine Stewart
  • Hoist on a Dark Petard by Ana Dorfstad (reprinted from Enarraré 7)
  • Folio
  • The Pattern of Infinity by Ana Dorfstad (revised heavily from Enarraré 1-4)