Enarraré #9

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Blake's 7, UFO, Sapphire and Steel, Doctor Who, The X-Files...

Contributors to this issue include: Catherine Stewart, R.J. Anderson, Andrew Williams, Sue Spencer, Adrian Brice, Witold Tieze, Kathryn Andersen and R.S.K.

Catherine Stewart continues The Inheritors cycle with A Surfeit of Coincidence, R.J. Anderson contributes a wonderful X-Files story, Possessions, in which Mulder loses his identity, and Andrew Williams and Sue Spencer each provide some food for thought in their Blake's 7 stories.

Yes, lots more terrific fiction accompanied by wonderful illustrations.

Available now through Parliament of Dreams at only $A15 or $US17 or #8 including postage. (Please add $US5 or #2 for personal cheques.) Enarraré 9 is A4 in size, over 120 pages in reduced print (equivalent of over 300 paperback-size pages) is coil-bound and has a colour cover. Since cost includes postage, prices may alter for multiple copies.

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