“She seems to be on our side.”
“Yes, but the poor woman’s insane.”
“Not necessarily.”
Innocent, or mad?
Ignorant, naive, trusting
Latching on to the first bright sight you see - him.
that you - dedicated waiter,
should choose yourself a god
so hard, cold, cynical.
“Counting yourself,
that makes two people who think you’re wonderful.”
Flattery may get one nowhere
but to you it was true
you believed it
imperturbably expecting altruism
and miracles.
How many years
did it take to turn your head?
Or were you already lost,
burning candles
in a shrine of forgotten dreams
watching the dust collect
on ancient machineries
those meaningless, magical legends?
He practiced condescension
humouring your mad simplicity
with his Alpha lordliness
but you deserved more than we could give.
“I’m sorry you waited so long.”
“Our waiting brought you.”
“That seems like a poor reward, somehow.”
     – Kathryn Andersen