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To be honest, I prefer paper fanzines. There's nothing like holding that zine in your hands, looking at the pretty pictures, and not craning your neck at the CRT. For one thing, you can't carry a monitor with you in the bus. Yeah, you can print out net fic to read, but you don't get the pictures and the layout and the polish.

Well, now you can have the best of both worlds. This is the spot where I put old issues of Refractions in PDF (Acrobat) format -- which is basically the same as getting a master print copy, really, but in electronic format, and free! I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart, and if I discover that anyone (apart from the two people authorized to do so) has printed and sold these zines, they will come down at once, and never go up again.

However, since giving these zines in PDF form basically means re-doing the entire zine from almost scratch, I have also decided that Refractions #1 and #2 are the only ones which I will offer in PDF, because I've already done all the work. Other old issues put up here will be HTML only.

This fiction is emailware. The price you pay for downloading these zines is to send me an email <fiction at katspace⋅org> in appreciation. That's only fair, isn't it?

Letters of Comment are put on the web.

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After feedback from folks, the PDF version of each zine is done as one huge file, and that includes the covers. Also, to improve portability, all the fonts are embedded, so you should be able to print the zine just as it was meant to be.

For zines which have the good fortune to have a number of pages which is a multiple of four, I have also been able to create (with the aid of certain Postscript programs) an A5-booklet version of the zine, where each A4 page is reduced to A5, and the pages have been rearranged so that, if printed double-sided, you can just staple the sheets in the middle, fold, and you have an A5 booklet. Nifty, huh? Let me know if that works for you.

The HTML files actually do come with pictures included, isn't that nice? However most of the pictures have been reduced in size from the size used in the PDF, to make them screen-friendly rather than printer-friendly. Also, some pictures may seem to be oddly placed in the text -- remember that this is generated straight from the files used to make the print zine, and pictures may be placed in odd places because they're lined up with a facing column or a facing page -- which, of course, one doesn't get in the HTML.

Please note that the HTML versions of the zines are broken up into multiple files -- they are not all in one file.

Refractions #1

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Refractions #2

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Refractions #3

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Later Issues

Look here for information on paper versions and later issues of Refractions.