Pieces of ourselves
Pieces cracked and fractured
Wading through the pain
Seeking for the Truth
Looking for its light -
We hold its embers in our hands
and it sears us to the bone.

You have seen me torn and bleeding,
I have seen you waken, screaming,
You have walked through the darkness of my past,
I have seen you drowning in yours.

They crucified you for science
Some protector, some protector I was.
You cursed me for my silence
I cursed you for a fool
We bled in each other's hearts
on each other's doorsteps...
You said that I was human
I thought that I was not.

You saw her die in my arms
I saw you, limp, in his;
A lump of soulless flesh,
neither alive nor dead
a mirror of my heart now you are gone.

I never thought that pain could bind,
That weaknesses could form a cord
to tie a heart to heart, a soul to soul
What did you see of me that I had hid,
that made you trust me with your life?
What did I see in you that made you shine
a light that melted down the armour that I wore?

We burn up in the fire
We drown in all the lies
We're caught up in the maze
of darkness and betrayal.
Why should not feeble hope give up the ghost?
Maybe death is the only escape
Despair the only truth
Surrender the only option -
but for this, but for those simple words
that chain me to this course:
``Oliver, I'm counting on you.''

Kathryn Andersen

(This first appeared on the VR.5 mailing list <vr5@planetx.com>)