Enarraré #10


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Inside Outside

Hawkes is in the brig and, for reasons McQueen is having difficulty ascertaining, is reluctant to explain exactly why he started the fight in the bar.

An Inauspicious Beginning

A routine mission on the planet, Stonebrow, starts to go seriously awry. Vansen is hard put to keep control of the gung-ho new recruit assigned to the 58th and when he shoots down a Chig sentry, her anger reaches boiling point. The burial detail finds a strange damaged bio-organic octahedron near the body and that's when the problems really begin...

265 Different Kinds Of Cheese

How can you satisfy an interrogator who refuses to believe that you don't know the answer to a simple question? This is the difficulty facing McQueen and Hawkes as they struggle through two very different situations...

McQueen has accepted an invitation to speak at an in-vitro recruitment seminar on Earth - his rationale: "They can't edit me in person" - and has been promptly abducted. When conventional investigations fail, the 58th is given permission to try to find him. They wind up in a very different sort of battlefield: an in-vitro ghetto in New York. And their explanations are met with rank derision. Who in their right mind would believe that a group of natural borns would be led by an in-vitro lieutenant and be looking for a 'tank' who happens to be an officer in the space marines - a colonel no less! - and a flying ace and the leader of the famed Kazbek raid and the pilot who shot down Chiggy von Richthoffen? While Hawkes and the 58th land deeper and more desperately in trouble as they try to counter suspicion, McQueen for once is completely out of his depth trying to figure out what's happening to him, where he is, how he got there and what's wanted from him...

Award-winning fan author, Annie Hamilton, turns her attention to the Space: Above and Beyond Universe in this series of inter-connected stories and poems, illustrated by Kathryn Andersen and Annie Hamilton. Full colour insert. 90 pages, A4 format, reduced print (60 000 words), coil-bound, board covers.

Out of print.

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