A decade ago, I saw David McCallum in a play, and I've dug up my diary to bring this event to you.

In January 1995 we had Event Horizon with Gareth Thomas. In May 1996 we had Parliament of Dreams with Jerry Doyle and Andrea Thompson. In May 1997 I went to my first MediaWest convention. In March 1998 I went to Neutral Zone (which I refuse to call NZ because that stands for New Zealand), and then a week later I went to Deliverance, the 20th Anniversary Blake's 7 convention. In March 2000 I went to Neutral Zone 2000. In February 2001 I got to the second Redemption. In May 2003 I went to England for the Tomorrow People 30th Anniversary Dinner (and stayed with friends afterwards!). In April 2004 I went to New Zealand, not for any convention, but I was looking at Lord of the Rings sites, among other things.