Kat's Tools

This is a page for the tools I've made or modified, mostly for use in building this website! They are released either under the Artistic Licence or under the GNU General Public Licence (or both), depending on the tool.

Contact me about the tools at <perlkat at katspace⋅com>

Website related tools:

  • khatgallery is the photo-album generator I use for my Gallery pages.
  • hypertoc and HTML::GenToc are a script and a module respectively (the script uses the module) to generate a Table of Contents for HTML documents. I use the anchor-creation part of this script to make meaningful anchors for the table-of-contents sections on this site.
  • HTML::LinkList is a module used to generate lists of links in HTML. I call it to generate the navigation for this website.
  • teperl is a perl script which I use to do some of the embedded perl pre-processing for this website.

Database tools:

  • SQLite::Work is an interface to SQLite databases, which I also use on this website.
  • Text::NeatTemplate is a fast, middleweight template engine, which I use in the SQLite::Work module, but it can be used as a general template engine, for databases or for other uses. I use it for some of the perl pre-processing on this site because it's faster than teperl.
  • Tie::FieldVals is a perl Tie module for a simple, fast, human-readable flat-file database.

Perl development:


  • muralis and X11::Muralis are a script and a module respectively (the script uses the module) to display an image on the root window of an X-Windows display. I use them to display random images on my desktop.